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Current Issues

Information on the situation of those fleeing from Ukraine Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration compiles information on the situation of those fleeing from Ukraine and produces current information (FAQ) on residence, temporary protection, work and services for people arriving in Finland from Ukraine.
The reform of the Act on the Promotion of Integration The current Integration Act has been amended (comprehensive reform of Integration Act, KOTO24). The new Integration Act (681/2023) will enter into force on 1 January 2025 at the same time as the TE services reform.
Koto-digi-system The Koto-digi project of the KEHA Centre develops national information system services for integration, which can be introduced in municipalities from 1 January 2025.


Report: Language skills are essential in employment of Ukrainian beneficiaries of temporary protection
1.11.2023 | News item
According to a recent report, Ukrainians receiving temporary protection have been well received in Finland. Language skills play a key role in employment.
Information card provides integration services data in figures 
31.10.2023 | News item
For how many immigrants an integration plan was made last year? In which languages is basic information about Finland distributed to those arriving here? What are the average costs per customer per year of integration training organised as labour market training? 
Apply to join the planning groups of the Integration 2024 event
6.10.2023 | News item
The planning of the Integration 2024 event is about to start. First, the application for the planning groups of the event will be opened. The Integration 2024 has a new programme structure and planning teams or area coordinators for special theme areas are not looked for this time, but the event has enough tasks for many people. The event will take place in Turku, Logomo on 14–15 November 2024.

The blog offers perspectives on integration

The Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration publishes blog posts by various people involved in integration at Because of limited resources, the blog is only published in Finnish.

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Events and training

The Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration organises training, seminars, webinars and other events and participates in different kinds of training and other events. The event calendar will only be published on the Finnish-language website. English-language events are included in English in the calendar. 

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