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Information for you who are an employer

Employers face the occupational diversification of Finland, they can promote the receptiveness of society and influence what employment is like in the future.

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Employment and work-related immigration This section contains information on the world of work, employment and work-related immigration. Its content will be developed during the summer of 2021.
Working life diversity programme The objective of the working life diversity programme under the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is for companies and organisations to benefit from diversity and improve the opportunities of immigrants to work according to their skills and to progress in their careers.
Partnership programme The integration partnership programme supports the effectiveness of the work promoting integration and social inclusion by bringing together operators and increasing multi-professional and diverse cooperation.
Learning about integration Learning about integration training provides you with comprehensive basic information and skills on immigrant integration. Online training is aimed at novice integration professionals.
Receptiveness of society Immigrant integration is multi-directional from the perspective of societal receptiveness. Integration can be viewed as a dynamic two-way process of mutual adaptation involving all the immigrants and residents of member states. InfoFinland is a multi-lingual website providing important information in one place for those planning to migrate to Finland or already living here. The website also serves the authorities in the dissemination of multi-lingual information.

News for employers

Share of foreign citizens among unemployed jobseekers highest ever measured
1.7.2024 | News item
In May, the number of unemployed foreign jobseekers totalled 41,510, which is 16 per cent of all unemployed jobseekers. The increase in the number of foreign unemployed jobseekers can be explained by the general growth in the number of foreigners in Finland.
Three-month unemployment rule is in public consultation until 16 August 2024
13.6.2024 | News item
In future, an employee working in Finland with a work-based residence permit would have three months to find a new job if the employment relationship ends. The conditions for residence would lapse and the employee would have to leave Finland if no new employment is found and there are no other grounds for residence. The government proposal on the three-month unemployment rule is in public consultation between 12 June and 16 August 2024.
Growth in working age population will depend on immigration in coming years
22.5.2024 | News item
Net migration will remain high in the coming years, according to the latest short-term Labour Market Forecast. This is reflected in the number of unemployed jobseekers. Since the growth in the number of people of working age largely depends on immigration, the number of unemployed foreign jobseekers is expected to continue to grow.
Number of first integration plans reaches a new high
24.4.2024 | News item
In the first quarter of 2024, more than 5,400 first integration plans were drawn up, which is a record since the measurement began. The employment rate of foreigners has continued to fall due to the downturn. The employment rate of foreigners is more cyclically sensitive than that of Finnish citizens.
Weak economic trend in construction has led to higher unemployment among foreigners
20.2.2024 | News item
The number of unemployed foreign jobseekers is increasing. The growth is explained by the Ukrainian beneficiaries of temporary protection registering as customers of employment services and the increasing number of foreign nationals in Finland.
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