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Information for you who are an employer

Employers face the occupational diversification of Finland, they can promote the receptiveness of society and influence what employment is like in the future.

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Employment and work-related immigration This section contains information on the world of work, employment and work-related immigration. Its content will be developed during the summer of 2021.
Working life diversity programme The objective of the working life diversity programme under the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is for companies and organisations to benefit from diversity and improve the opportunities of immigrants to work according to their skills and to progress in their careers.
Partnership programme The integration partnership programme supports the effectiveness of the work promoting integration and social inclusion by bringing together operators and increasing multi-professional and diverse cooperation.
Learning about integration Learning about integration training provides you with comprehensive basic information and skills on immigrant integration. Online training is aimed at novice integration professionals.
Receptiveness of society Immigrant integration is multi-directional from the perspective of societal receptiveness. Integration can be viewed as a dynamic two-way process of mutual adaptation involving all the immigrants and residents of member states. InfoFinland is a multi-lingual website providing important information in one place for those planning to migrate to Finland or already living here. The website also serves the authorities in the dissemination of multi-lingual information.

News for employers

Partnership platform – a workspace for integration and refugee reception experts to go online today!
2.12.2021 | News item
The Partnership platform is an interactive, digital and communal platform for operators, experts, stakeholders and networks involved in integration, immigration and reception of refugees. The platform will open as a beta version to users on Thursday 2 December 2021. Register for the platform and join the Partnership platform community!
Unemployment among foreign jobseekers fell slightly faster than before in September
26.10.2021 | News item
According to the new Employment Bulletin, the number of unemployed foreign jobseekers was 7% lower in September than in August. The number of those participating in employment promotion services has increased somewhat. This means that the reduction in unemployment has not necessarily translated into an increase in employment in the same proportion.
Number of unemployed foreign jobseekers falls slowly but employment and participation rate remain high
21.9.2021 | News item
According to the September 2021 Employment Bulletin, the number of unemployed foreign jobseekers continues to fall much more slowly than the number of unemployed Finnish jobseekers following the pandemic. At the same time, there is regional variation in the unemployment rate. However, the employment and participation rates of those born abroad have risen.
Changes to email addresses at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment – new ‘’ suffix in use as of 20 September 2021
17.9.2021 | News item
All ministries will take the ‘’ suffix into use in the course of 2021. The email addresses of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment have changed to the format [email protected] on in September. The change also applies to the email addresses of the Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration and the Integration partnership program.
Number of foreign jobseekers much higher than in 2019, but employment rate remains largely unchanged
24.8.2021 | News item
The number of unemployed foreign jobseekers is higher than it was in July 2019, and their number has fallen at a slower rate than that of Finnish jobseekers. The recovery in employment has been particularly slow in Uusimaa. Seasonal unemployment in summer has affected the figures for July.
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