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Information for those who are representing an unaccompanied minor

The minor’s representative ensures that the child’s rights are realised in the asylum process. The representative helps and supports the underaged asylum seeker and exercises the right to be heard belonging to the child’s guardian in the asylum process. You can also find more information on the site for when you are considering representing a minor.

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Competent Representative online training The Competent Representative online training (only in Finnish) provides you with basic information on being a representative, the related tasks and other matters and legislation related to unaccompanied children arriving to Finland.
Handbook for representing a minor The handbook provides information and instructions on representing an unaccompanied minor living in Finland under a residence permit.
Handbook for supporting a minor The handbook is meant for people who work with unaccompanied minors at community homes or sheltered housing units.
Refugees and people under international protection This section contains information on the arrival of quota refugees and asylum seekers in Finland and reception to municipalities.
Children, young people and families Integration work with children, young people and families involves a family orientation, support for the integration of children and young people, representation of minors, aftercare and uniting families.
Partnership program The aim of the partnership programme is to discover, identify and support cooperation opportunities that promote integration work.

News for those representing minors

Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration has compiled information on the situation in Ukraine for those involved in integration work
4.3.2022 | News item
A new page has been created at online service, which contains information on the situation in Ukraine. The information is intended for those involved in integration work and professionals who encounter persons affected by the attack on Ukraine. 
Partnership platform – a workspace for integration and refugee reception experts to go online today!
2.12.2021 | News item
The Partnership platform is an interactive, digital and communal platform for operators, experts, stakeholders and networks involved in integration, immigration and reception of refugees. The platform will open as a beta version to users on Thursday 2 December 2021. Register for the platform and join the Partnership platform community!
A new website to serve those involved in integration
1.9.2021 | News item
The online service maintained by the Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has been updated. The old website was disabled and the actual version of the website was released on Wednesday 1 September 2021. As a result, only website will be available to users. published as beta version
8.6.2021 | News item
The website maintained by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment’s Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration has undergone a redesign. At the same time, the Finnish name of the website has changed to In connection with the redesign, the visual image of the centre of expertise was also revised. is to be published as a beta version.
Compulsory education to be extended in 2021
16.4.2021 | News item
As stated in Prime Minister Marin’s Government Programme, compulsory education will be extended in 2021. With the extension, the minimum school leaving age will be raised to 18 years and student guidance and welfare services will be improved.
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