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Information for those who work as an official in TE Office services, municipality or the health and social sector

Immigrants encounter many authorities on their integration path. Authorities can promote the smooth implementation of the integration process by cooperating across different administrative sectors and fields.

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Multisectoral cooperation Multisectoral and multidisciplinary cooperation is an essential part of integration work.
Municipal integration programmes This section contains municipal integration programmes, as well as some information on regional integration work.
Partnership programme The integration partnership programme supports the effectiveness of the work promoting integration and social inclusion by bringing together operators and increasing multi-professional and diverse cooperation.
Legislation Several acts guide integration. Remember to also acknowledge service-specific legislation.
Actors and their tasks Multi-sectoral cooperation in promoting integration makes the work more effective. There are local, regional and national operators who promote integration.
Reception of refugees Assigning municipalities of residence and planning services are key activities of municipalities when receiving refugees.

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The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has granted municipalities EUR 3 million to develop guidance and counselling services for immigrants
1.9.2022 | News item
The subsidies were awarded to 21 projects implemented by municipalities, which aim to improve the integration and employment of immigrants. 
Content of the Ukraine website has been updated – Answers to frequently asked questions now available in Ukrainian and Russian too
28.7.2022 | News item
The Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment maintains a summary web page that includes information from authorities, municipalities and organisations on the situation in Ukraine and the people fleeing from Ukraine. The page has been updated with new content during the summer, including improvements to make the information available in more languages. The identical content is now available in Finnish, Swedish, English, Ukrainian and Russian. 
Government proposes to allow family reunification of minors granted international protection without proof of sufficient financial resources
27.6.2022 | News item
The Government’s proposal to amend the Aliens Act would enable minors who have been granted international protection to live with their parents. When a family member of a minor who has been granted international protection applies for family reunification, the family member may be granted a residence permit without the minor sponsor having to provide proof of sufficient financial resources.
Guidance and counselling services for immigrants: provide contact details for the map
16.6.2022 | News item
The Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration collects contact information for municipal guidance and counselling services for immigrants. We will publish the information on Finland’s guidance and counselling services on a Google Maps map at the website. Compiling the information aims to increase interaction between different authorities promoting integration and guidance and counselling services, to provide information on the languages in which guidance and counselling services are available and to highlight the Finnish network of such services.
Applications now accepted for exhibition stands at Integration 2022
4.5.2022 | News item
Would you or your organisation like to share good practices in integration or refugee reception? Or would you like to tell potential partners about your work in promoting integration? Take part in the Integration 2022 event as an exhibitor. Integration 2022 will take place in Tampere on 7–8 November 2022.
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