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Guidance and counselling services fail to reach all those in need of assistance
6.5.2020 | News item
Guidance and counselling services for immigrants in Finland are fragmented in terms of accessibility, service provision and resourcing. Access to services is not equally provided to customers in all parts of the country. These were the conclusions of the final report of the study on low-threshold guidance and counselling services for immigrants commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. The report also makes recommendations for the development of the service network.
Telephone helplines support immigrants during the coronavirus outbreak
23.4.2020 | News item
Authorities and municipalities have opened telephone helplines providing instructions and guidance on coronavirus in different languages. Multilingual telephone helplines provided by various organisations are also functioning as usual. We have put together a news item listing the availability of multilingual instructions and guidance on coronavirus (telephone helplines and chat services). Provide access to services.
Online and digital services support language and social studies
23.3.2020 | News item
Due to the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, contact teaching in liberal adult education institutions and adult basic education has been suspended. Educational institutions provide distance teaching, taking into account students’ learning abilities and other opportunities available. The Centre of Expertise for Immigrant Integration has put together multilingual materials for independent studies in subjects such as languages and social studies, and for supporting integration.
Useful tips from Infofinland for multilingual communication
19.3.2020 | News item
Many authorities and municipalities may have no previous experience of having communications material translated into languages other than Swedish and English. The online editorial staff of Infofinland is used to having information translated into 12 different languages, and put together some useful tips for multilingual communications.
Multilingual videos tell the story of Finnish society
19.3.2020 | News item
Ymmärrä Suomea (‘Understand Finland’) is a series consisting of seven video clips, available in multiple languages. Intended for adult immigrants living in Finland, this series discusses various aspects of Finnish society from taxation to human rights. The videos can be used as learning material in educational institutions, or viewed independently.
Comprehensive review of integration 2019: Integration as a phenomenon covers multiple dimensions
21.1.2020 | News item
According to a review published by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment on 21 January 2020, employment alone is not an indication of successful integration, nor is there just one indicator for effective integration.
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