Webinar: Why should you (not) hire refugees and immigrants? Benefits and learnings from Nordic employers

Torstai 15.2.2024 klo 13.00 –  14.30

The Nordic countries are facing labour shortages across various sectors. Still many refugees and immigrants experience difficulties in establishing themselves on the labour market. Why are we in this paradoxical situation?

This webinar is targeting experts and practitioners in the field and highlights the employers’ perspectives and experiences on hiring refugees and immigrants. 
The following questions will be explored:

  • What to expect: what are the barriers and benefits of hiring immigrants for employers?
  • Are poor language skills always a barrier?
  • How important are national wage subsidies and support for employers in the Nordic countries?
  • What can we learn from each other in the Nordic countries to achieve better labour market integration of refugees and low-educated immigrants?

During the webinar, the researchers from Nordregio will present the findings from our new Nordic research review and interview study, together with practical examples from employers that have been committed to hiring refugees and immigrants across the Nordic countries.
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